5th and Madison

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ruffcorn mott hinthorne stine

5th and Madison was conceived to provide opportunities for a healthy urban lifestyle in the downtown office core, offering a low carbon footprint and the benefits of proximity to transit, culture, and services for families.

Past Forward:
5th and Madison is a radical transformation of a 40 year old full block development that was centered on the automobile in an era of iconic architectural bravado. The project occupies the site of a former branch bank drive though, while reusing existing below grade parking, and establishing a public green space.

Economy & Adaptability:
5th and Madison creates profound economies by working creatively to re-use an existing built structure, and by finding workable technical solutions to maximize the value of existing structures through adaptation to new uses. The project offers economy and adaptability at the urban scale by establishing density and uses that diversify end enrich the community.

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